Cosmetic Botox

Cosmetic Botox

Looking Younger in St. Augustine with Cosmetic Botox
Is Cosmetic Botox® for You?

It’s a minimally invasive procedure that is performed by your doctor with marginal discomfort to you. Botox® utilizes a purified natural protein that relaxes your facial muscles and smoothes your complexion. Botox® therapy is very effective and has a low risk. It can be used to treat facial lines in different areas of the face.

“Personally, I enjoy administering Botox® and Dermal Fillers for patients as the results are dramatic and patient satisfaction from the procedures is very high. Botox® and Dermal Fillers are the most popular of all of the non-surgical cosmetic procedures done in the United States. These maintenance procedures have grown in number by over 400% in the last 5 years, despite increasing economic factors.

Patients want to look as good as they feel and many are doing whatever possible to delay the effects of aging. Men and women alike are taking advantage of the benefits they can achieve with Botox® and Dermal Fillers. Young or old, it is never too early to look your very best”
The truth about Botox® therapies

People have many misconceptions concerning Botox® (Botolunim Toxin-A). Botox® is a medicine that relax muscles by inhibiting the secretion of acetylcholine needed for muscle contraction. It has been used for the past 25 years to treat medical conditions like cervical dystonia, TMJ, and other neuromuscular disorders. As you grow older your skin becomes less elastic due to the loss of collagen and reduced vascularization of tissues. Wrinkles, or rhytids, occur when certain muscles become more dominant and the skin loses the ability to be as elastic in response to these muscles contractions. In addition, muscles become constrictive and naturally form the creases and rhytids you see.
Dynamic rhytids, not a crease of the skin, can be eliminated or lessened by relaxing the dominant muscle as it competes against either an inferior muscle or in constricting skin elasticity. This is why certain patients of differing ages start to form wrinkles at different times as compared to other individuals.

Because muscles of the face are relatively small, it is necessary to introduce the medicine by injection so the exact placement and effect is achieved. By introducing the medicine into the exact muscle group responsible for the wrinkling, various aesthetic enhancements can be obtained in addition to elimination of the rhytids. 
Wrinkles of the forehead, crow’s feet and frown lines are easily eradicated. Other specialty injections for gummy smiles, dimpled chin, bunny lines, vertical lip lines and sad smile can be performed with Botox®.

Whatever your aesthetic needs, Botox® is a very safe procedure. Depending upon your own metabolism and if you choose to receive regular treatments, it can last for 3 months or longer. Our individualized treatments are painless, look natural and pay particular attention not to cause bruising. See for yourself why we are so enthusiastic about Botox® and dermal fillers that give results and not just treatments.
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