I have been a patient of Dr. E. Dieguez for several years. He is always more than willing to listen and address your concerns in a most professional manner. He has treated me with great compassion. He has been very caring in dealing with my pain issues.

His support staff from the front desk as well as his nurse are always pleasant. They are always helpful and accommodating in any situation. Dr. Dieguez and staff take great pride in always being punctual, and respectful of his patients' time.
Rick P.
I have enjoyed the services of Dr. Dieguez for many years. I was always taken at scheduled time and made me feel comfortable on discussing my problem and treatment needed. It is a pleasant and clean atmosphere and I would recommend Dr. Dieguez to all my friends. He is a very compassionate and understanding person.
Jane C.
It is with a great deal of pleasure that we write this testimonial for your outstanding medical service that you have provided to Nancy and me for the last seven years. When we have acute pain that it seems no one can solve we come to you for treatment. Whether it is an epidural, shots or medication, you have relieved our pain considerably. For this we are very thankful!
  1. Timeliness. We have never had to wait for more than 5 minutes in your beautiful, comfortable waiting room.
  2. Friendliness. Dr. Dieguez and his staff are extremely friendly. We love his sense of humor. He makes you feel very good in his presence.
  3. Dr. Diguez always listens to our problems and takes his time explaining what he can do to alleviate our problem. We believe he doesn’t he doesn’t overbook his patients like most doctors do.
  4. Dr. Dieguez always sees us – he doesn’t have a P. A. do his job.
  5. He is always ready to discuss our problems with notes, X-rays, MRI’s, etc. He makes us feel that he has the answers when we meet.
  6. We have recommended many of our friends to him and they in turn have recommended others to him.
  7. Dr. Dieguez uses humor and wit for his bedside manner and makes you totally relaxed when seeking his help. His office is immaculate.
  8. His staff is extremely friendly and courteous as if you are their only patient.
  9. Dr. Dieguez knowledge of his field, honesty and friendliness make us feel like we are his only concern.
We are blessed and thankful to Dr. Diguez for his wonderful care.
Nancy and Bob C.
Having been rejected four times for joint replacement surgery do to blood clots and other health problems, I thought that I would have to live the rest of my life in severe pain with osteoarthritis in both knees. One Sunday, I read Dr. Dieguez’s flyer in the newspaper, and I thought that stem cell therapy might be the solution to my problem. I called his office and Cyndie got me an appointment immediately.

Cyndie and Brandie are very efficient at handling patient affairs and making patients feel comfortable and welcome in the office. To say that I was apprehensive about the possibility of being rejected one more time was an understatement. Dr. Dieguez made me feel comfortable on my first visit and offered a potential solution for my problem. He sat and explained the procedure in detail, answered all of my questions, and encouraged me to follow through with the therapy. After my MRI, he explained the extent of damage to my knee and felt that the procedure would relieve a lot of my pain. We set a date for the therapy, and he performed the procedure.

The process was far less painful than I had anticipated. As it progressed, Dr. Dieguez explained everything he was doing. He is most compassionate, understanding, efficient, and caring in dealing with his patients, and I am very happy to have him for my doctor.

I have highly recommended to my friends far and near Dr. Dieguez and this stem cell procedure. They are tracking my progress, and they, too, see hope for relief from their pain without the need for major surgery.

Dr. Dieguez, Cyndie, and Brandie are a credit to their profession. Thank you for helping me get better.
Mary Ellen P.
Being seen on time at a doctors’ office is a very pleasant experience. Dr. Dieguez is more patient and listens to my symptoms and worries with real concern and care. The whole office, while clean and sterile is very warm and friendly and welcoming. Dr. D makes sure you completely understand my test results and are comfortable with his plan of treatment. The most impressive thing of Mr. – Dr. Dieguez’s office is Dr. E. Dieguez himself.
Evangeline K.
If you have an appointment with Dr. D, don’t be late, because he will be on time and in his warm and friendly way, he will want to give you every minute of his time that you need. You will feel like you are talking to your best friend and be comfortable as he carefully explains test results and the treatment he proposes. My friends and family have all heard about Dr. D and his ease of manner. The office staff is charming and most helpful and the surroundings are spotless and technologically up-to-date. Even the waiting room where you spend little time is tasteful and pleasant. Lastly, my favorite, and the best recommendation I can make is that Dr. Dieguez loves dogs! What could be better than that?
Beryldene B.
It has been a pleasure to be treated by Dr. Dieguez and his staff. I first consulted him after my chronic pain exacerbated significantly, limiting all my activities of daily living. I has severe shooting pains in my hips, legs and joints which appeared to be musculoskeletal in nature. I returned to my orthopedist, who tried a number of treatment modalities, including rest, PT and various medications. While this pain subsided and I improved marginally, the improvements quickly disappeared when I resumed my normal daily activities. My orthopedist couldn’t find any structural issues or any other reason for the pain. He recommended that I consult either a neurologist or pain management specialist. A neighbor of mine, who had very similar symptoms and issues was treated by Dr. Dieguez and had a very positive outcome. He highly recommended and encouraged me to consult Dr. Dieguez, which I did shortly thereafter.

I was really impressed from the outset with Dr. Dieguez, his staff and his practice environment. His staff is friendly, courteous, helpful, informative, and professional. They are truly committed to patient care. The handled all of the insurance issues, scheduling and referrals for further tests efficiently and cheerfully, thereby minimizing patient stress and inconvenience. His staff is very positive, supportive and encouraging, which creates a very welcoming, comfortable and therapeutic environment. The single most impressive attribute of Dr. Dieguez and his staff is their timeliness and punctuality. My appointments almost always start on time and I don’t ever remember waiting more than 5 minutes for any appointment.

Dr. Dieguez is a dedicated, gifted and talented physician who truly understands and cares about his patient’s needs, concerns and well being. I was initially struck by his thoroughness, attention to detail and interest in my medical history.

He actually read the extensive medical history forms that I had been given to fill out, asked pertinent questions, and addressed my concerns. He was able to quickly evaluate and diagnose my condition with a minimum of additional tests, and begin a treatment regimen to control and alleviate the intensity of my chronic pain symptoms. The treatment of my spinal stenosis with cortisone epidural injections produced a quick and dramatic positive effect, alleviating and minimizing 90% of my pain and symptoms. I have been able to resume almost all of my activities of daily living with a minimum of discomfort.
Charles M.
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